I've recently been updating the two primary infoboxes used on this Wikia, Template:Infobox character and Template:Infobox episode.

  • Biggest change was to make sure we use Portable Infoboxes, which allows our infoboxes "to display well across different devices".
  • I've edited the fields to better fit our Wikia and did some re-formatting, drawing ideas from Wikipedia and other Wikias. E.g. for Infobox episode, the bottom row is split with previous & next episodes, with little arrows, like on Wikipedia:Template:Infobox television episode.
  • I've written out more complete notes on Infobox episode's changes at Template talk:Infobox episode.
  • I've updated the docs for both infoboxes.
  • I went through all the episode and character pages, updating the infoboxes.

Let me know if you see any issues or if you have any concerns. Thanks!

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