Hey guys! I just wanted to let everybody know (in case you haven't already heard) that Forever was canceled a couple of days ago by ABC.[1] This is very sad news for all fans of the show (and this wiki!). We are hoping that ABC will change their decision although that is very unlikely. There is a petition going around that has over 15,000 signatures on it to save the show.[2] Another option is maybe another network/company (NBC, CBS, Netflix, Hulu...) will pick the show up and resume where it left off. This is also a long shot, but possible! Ioan Gruffudd, who plays Henry Morgan, wrote on Instagram that he was very sad the show is over but glad that he got to see so many amazing fans and the general response to the show was great.[3]

Anyway, Forever had a great first season and we will never forget it. ♥♥♥



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